Explorer Mason - The CFD Early Coverage & Expansion History

The Chattanooga Fire Department has currently 22 stations providing

coverage for most of the Chattanooga area including Chattanooga airport, but it wasn't like that back in the late 1880s.

Back in the late 1880s and early 1890s the Chattanooga fire department was just beginning to expand outside of the downtown area see originally the Chattanooga fire department only covered the downtown and north Chattanooga area of the town due to their being no expansion into the Alton Park and East Chattanooga and St Elmo Area.

By the 1920s there were several stations in the Alton Park and St Elmo area one in St Elmo and several in the Alton Park area the stations assigned to the Alton Park area were the original station 9 near Rossville station 4 located on Glass street station 10 located in Alton Park.

The original Station 9 which served the East Chattanooga area. (built 1929)

This Expansion increased the coverage of the east Chattanooga area and Alton Park area by a lot and now most of the Chattanooga area is both provided with fire protection and coverage of all areas in Chattanooga by the Chattanooga fire department.

Now the Chattanooga Fire Department provides protection for all areas of Chattanooga including mutual aid for the surrounding cities such as East Ridge, Catoosa County, Signal Mountain, Red Bank, Rossville, Collegedale, Apison, Standfier Gap and all of Hamilton County and some Cities outside of the state or the city.

Former Fire Station 4 on Glass Street

For a complete history by the Chattanooga Fire Department History Book Committee, click here.

Old Fire Station 12 located on Forest Avenue in North Chattanooga. (built 1927)

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