Explorer Mason - The Brotherhood to Me

Hi. I'm Mason and this will be my fourth article that I have written for the Babacita blog. This post will be about how I was introduced to and taught about the importance of the term brotherhood in the fire service.

When I was about 10 I visited a Chattanooga

Mason and a Soddy Daisy Firefighter friend

fire station and explored the station like usual. You know, checking out the trucks, asking questions, checking out the equipment, but one thing that I didn't expect is when I asked a firefighter about what the meaning of brotherhood was. This firefighter said, “you know… brotherhood has a lot of different meanings. It can mean strong bonds or a relationship. Or it can be a very strong friendship. A brotherhood is a word that describes a group of people who will help get back up when you fall down. And who stand with you in the hardest of times. That’s what firefighters are. There are those certain people who would help you up when you fall down, and help when you need it.”

Hearing this sparked a very long and informative conversation with the Lieutenant and ever since then I have taken the term brotherhood very personally. I now see the word brotherhood as a completely different meaning every time I run into a fellow firefighter. This really gives me a glimpse of brotherhood because I know they are my friends and will be there for me. I know feel that I can be a part of a brotherhood.

~Mason Lillard 

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