Explorer Mason - My Grandad's Worst Call

Wexford VFD Tanker

My grandad was a volunteer for Wexford Volunteer Fire Department from 1968 to 1977 and responded out of the main station which was located in the town of Wexford. He was assigned to the engine that was first due for any fire call for Wexford VFD. Now my grandad has told me that he had some great memories with Wexford VFD but he has had some horrible moments also, and in this article I will be telling about one of those moments so let's get right in to it.

It was June 17th, 1976 at 7:20 PM when the Wexford volunteer fire department was dispatched to a residential structure fire about six miles outside of the town the assigned units were station one engine 3-1 engine 4-1 engine 15-1 tanker 6-2 tanker 1-3 brush truck 8-7. My grandfather was assigned to engine 3-1. When Wexford VFD arrived on the scene of the fire the fire had spread from the basement to the first floor.

When engine 3-1 arrived on scene a local neighbor came up to my grandad and told him that there were seven kids in the house. Him and the fellow firefighters didn't believe the neighbor at first but when they broke through the second floor window and entered the house, my grandfather found one kid on the floor and three other kids in different rooms. As soon as they got the four kids out of the house my grandad and the other firefighters went back in the house to rescue the three other kids. But as soon as they got back in the house, the part that the three kids were in collapsed unexpectedly killing the kids.

After the firefighters extinguished the house and nearby farmland they returned to the station with the four kids that they rescued and housed the kids until the rightful family guardian came to pick them up.

Since that day my grandfather has taken every fire seriously and doesn't doubt any thing said about a fire. Even though my grandfather is retired he still takes fire seriously and all ways will.

John note - this is a good example on why we need to treat every call as a worst-case scenario. Train hard so your instincts kick in... no thinking, only reaction based on your training.

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