Explorer Mason - CFD Station 14 Review

Chattanooga fire station 14 is located in the St. Elmo/South Chattanooga area. It was in 1929 when the City of Chattanooga expanded and annexed St Elmo and the Alton Park area as a addition to the city. The first fire station was located at the 4500 block of St Elmo Avenue this station has since then been replaced by the current station which was built in 1974 and the original station has since been turned into a restaurant called Syrup and Eggs.

The reason the original station was replaced was because of several reasons one being that the firefighters were outgrowing the station other reasons were not enough room to store the truck rotting structure manual doors/Hand Pulled to open the bay doors trucks were getting too tall to fit in the bay so in 1973 the City of Chattanooga made plans to construct the new station and construction started In August of '73 the station was completed in 1974 and was in full operation just 2 weeks after the grand opening. 

This new station would improve the fire protection around the area of St Elmo and Alton Park and has been protecting St Elmo and Alton Park ever since then.

This station houses 15 personnel on three shifts. In August of 2005 Station 14 was given the brand new Quint 14 replacing the former engine 14 Quint 14 is a 2005 Central States Quint with a 75-foot aerial and a 1500 gallon per minute pump.

Quint 14 is designed to personally respond residental and commerical fires,vehicle fires, brush fires and are first responders on any medical call life threatening or not. This station also houses first Responders specially trained in Hazardous material response, extraction calls/MVC or MVA with injuries or entrapment and EMS.

The personnel of Chattanooga station 14 are proud to serve their community the best way that they can and also assist local schools families in need of support and businesses with fire prevention related activities.

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