Integrative Marketing fusion –
My Process, My book


Being in marketing or leadership can sometimes be difficult and challenging. When things are a mess, and you have no idea where to start. I’m writing a book to make life easier for marketers and business leaders.


I think it came about when I was mentoring on my branding process, and I realized that I have all this great information from 25+ years marketing experience. I have a ton of content, both written down and, in my head, so why not get all of this down into a concise and to-the-point document. I base my thinking and work on an integrative marketing model, but I also bring in several change disciplines around evolve, connect, and inspire. That’s my secret sauce and something I’ve coined Integrative Marketing Fusion. More on that as the book progresses.


Originally, I was thinking a practical workbook but then quickly it jumped up in page numbers. As of now I’m at 52 pages with at least that amount to go. One thing I want this to be is something that is useful now. It has some theory in it but basically, it’s a down and dirty how-to guide with templates that can be downloaded and used by anyone in any industry at any level – students, leadership, people interested in learning marketing, and marketing professionals.


The current outline (as of today) is:

  • Introduction

  • Marketing Defined

  • Integrative Marketing Fusion (IMF)

  • A Brand

  • Building a Personal Brand

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Communications Program Management

  • Marketing Functions

  • Resources and Tools


Each of these major sections have several sub-sections.


Stay tuned for more updates.