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GigLinx™ Your Support

I’m looking for funding support for the development of GigLinx™, an online platform to empower independent musicians with more exposure and more gigs while providing a time/resource-saving platform for venues and those who hire musicians. 



GigLinx is a two-phased platform: 

  • A machine for more exposure and more gigs – empowering independent musicians

  • A means for venues/event planners to find and book musicians – saving time and resources to find quality musicians


Artists – Phase 1

  • Dedicated webpage – unlimited updates to content, photos, music and videos

  • Social media dashboard – one place for posting & scheduling, measuring growth

  • FanIndex™ rating – proprietary ranking based on current social media following

  • Marketing toolkit

  • Access to marketing and promotion professionals

  • Searchable database inclusion



Venues/Event Planners – Phase 2

Phase 2 of GigLinx will allow venues/event planners to quickly search and evaluate artists for bookings. Search and sort on our FanIndex™, genre, price range while listening to a preview. The FanIndex is our unique rating tool that reflects artist fan base and reach – the higher the FanIndex, the larger the audience. Then book directly with the artist.

  • Direct access to musicians

  • Search by

    • FanIndex

    • Geography

    • Genre

  • Artist estimate

  • Direct contact

  • Favorites functionality

  • Save time, hassle and resources


Current GigLinx Status

  • Concept tested and proven with artists and venues

  • Website layout designed

  • Website content written

  • Technical direction and functionality complete

  • Beta testers ready

  • Marketing street team assembling


Use of Funds

All funds will be used explicitly for the technical development of GigLinx for beta testing and public launch.

  • $100% of funds will be used to make GigLinx a reality!

  • Contract the right web developer to make GigLinx functional for testing and public launch

  • Directional custom developed platform consisting of web server and files with Amazon (AWS), MongoDB (MongoILabs database), graphics with Cloudinary, unified data integration with social media


Support Rewards

As a thank you to your support we would like to offer the following rewards:

  • Support of $25 – Free annual subscription ($49.99 value)

  • Support of $50 – Free two-year subscription ($99.98 value)

  • Support of $100 – Free three-year subscription ($149.97 value)

  • Support of $250 – Lifetime subscription ($499.90 value)

  • Support of $350 – Lifetime subscription and Danny Clinch’s Still Moving photography book ($550 value)

  • Support of $1,000 – Lifetime subscription and artist branding consultation ($2,500 value)


Thank You

Your support will provide the resources to take the GigLinx concept to reality – to empower independent musicians and increase the exposure of the wonderful music being created.

 Thank you for your consideration
and support.

An artist machine for more exposure & more gigs