Babacita. what language is it? Where did it come from?

Creativity works in mysterious ways. While I work in multiple disciplines and apply solid process and theory in many areas of my life, I also believe there’s great value in letting words and pictures play willy-nilly in my mind. Without play, my mind atrophies and everything else goes down hill from there.

Babacita. Say it out loud. It sounds lyrical. It feels good rolling off the tongue. And something about it feels powerful when you say it, like it’s got its own energy source. Babacita. It’s memorable. I know this because I tested it using traditional consumer research tools.

but what does it mean?

It is a made up word, a nickname for my old dog, Cinnamon. It also has a collage of meanings. For me, the word Babacita serves as a personal reminder of the vision and mission of my company.

Literally, in different languages, Baba may denote father or person of honor. Cita, in Spanish, has two meanings: a quote, quotations and appointment, date. Much about these meanings resonated with me. Typically, a father or village leader is a person of wisdom, a listener, often and a thought leader. A thought leader is the keeper of the values or culture of a community, acting as the compass to keep the whole focused on the mission. And the tools used? Experienced listening, meaningful ideas and action, at the right time.

Am I that leader? Perhaps. But I’m not alone. The world is made up of these leaders. And I’m committed to supporting their efforts so far as they are leading honorably by creating opportunity for others to live and work well.